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Group Tours 2018: Book Online

Group Tours for the 2018 season may be reserved online anytime.  You may book by phone Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM (248-437-0150). The scheduling system is not available on Tuesdays. Reservations are processed on a first come, first reserved basis. Please scroll down to complete the online registration form.

The agriculture and farming business is always at the mercy of the weather.  Crop production and length of crop harvest is very sensitive to elements like rain, frost, wind, hail, heat, and extreme temperature shifts.  Because of these environmental factors, it can become necessary for Erwin Orchards  to harvest the apples from the trees and place them in bins.  If this becomes necessary, your group will select apples from the bins instead of picking apples off the trees.

Group Tours are available Monday through Friday:

Tours are scheduled Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and reserved on the hour and the half hour.  Tours are offered September 17 – October 31.  We offer a variety of tours including Apple picking, Pumpkin picking, Mr. Bee’s 3-D Big Adventure, and Corn Maze packages. Please scroll down to view our offerings and complete the online registration form.

We do not offer group tours or reservations on Saturdays and Sundays.

All Tours include the following:

  • Reserved Wagon ride
  • Cup of cold cider
  • Apple spice donut
  • The activities listed for each individual tour

ORCHARD TOURS (late participants are not transported out to join their group):

Tour A – Apple Tour – Includes picking 1/4 peck bag of apples from the orchard. $7.75 per person.

Tour P – Pumpkin Tour – Includes picking a child size pumpkin from the patch. $7.75 per person.

Tour B – Combined Tour – Includes picking 1/4 peck bag of apples from the orchard and one child size pumpkin from the patch. $8.75 per person.


Tour 3-D – Mr. Bee’s Big 3-D Adventure – Walk through and view colorful, 3-D painted rooms.  This attractions shows why bees are important to agriculture. Fun for all ages! $5.00 per person.  Add Mr. Bee’s to any of the 3 orchard tours for an additional $1.50 per person.

Tour M – Corn Maze Tour – Includes the maze adventure. $5.75 per person. Add the Corn Maze to any of the 3 orchard tours for an additional $2.50 per person.

PAYING FOR THE TOUR:  Payment in full is required at check in.  You must pay in full prior to boarding the wagon.  Methods of payment are corporate check, organization check, money order, or cash.  PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT TAKEN AS PAYMENT FOR GROUP TOURS.  Everyone in your group – students, adults, chaperones, aides, etc. – pays the tour price.  Each person takes the wagon ride, picks the apples and/or pumpkins, participates in the attraction, and receives the cider and donut treat.  One lead teacher for each classroom receives complimentary admission.  Additionally, please tell your bus driver they receive a complimentary drink and donut in the Cider Mill while waiting for your students.

GROUP COMBO:  The Group Combo cider and donut special is available to group tour participants. Please ask the cashier for the Group Combo special prior to placing your order. The Group Tour combo pricing is $16.00 (dozen donuts / gallon cider), and $9.50 (1/2 dozen donuts / 1/2 gallon cider).

CHANGES: To ensure correct wagon space is available, call or email if your head count changes by more than five people since time of booking. It is important to let us know in advance if the number of participants using a wheelchair or walker changes at all.  Changes must be called in at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled group tour.  Please call 248-437-0150 and leave a voicemail or email the change to

CANCELLATIONS: Donuts are made specifically for your group. If you must cancel your group tour, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance (248-437-0150 or  Groups that fail to do so will be assessed a fee based on the full retail value of the donuts reserved for you ($9.50 per dozen).

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  Erwin Orchards & Cider Mill operates in cold weather, and during a light rain.  Please dress accordingly for cold weather and / or rain.

FACILITIES:  You are welcome to bring a bag lunch and eat at the picnic tables on the property.  At time of booking, please inform us of your plan to eat lunch here.  Feel free to enjoy the complimentary hay and straw maze, tire trail, and goat family.  Outdoor porta-johns are available.

ALLERGIES:  Yellow Jackets, prevalent and beyond our control, are dangerous to those who are allergic. Please be prepared to administer any emergency first aid that may be required (epi pen, etc.).

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Tours are conducted Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. 
Tours are scheduled on the hour and half hour.
Saturdays and Sundays are not available for reserved group tours.

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